100% Eco-Friendly Hosting

Web Hosting Magic cherish customers who make the sustainability of our environment part of their purchasing decision-making process. With your help, we are maintaining our commitment to carbon neutrality in all aspects of our global operations.

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Mankind is in the midst of a huge technological leap and major expansion of our civilization.

But even as we seek to explore the far reaches of space in order to understand our place in the universe and ensure the survival of our species/civilization, we have one planet that we truly can call home.

And that place is Earth.

As a web hosting company with eyes on the future, it is our understanding & core belief that we need to protect this home of ours at all costs against anything that threatens it.

With the rapid ever-increasing population growth and expanding economic/human activities, the stakes couldn't be higher.

While the politicians gamble away humanity fate at the table of their masters, we at Web Hosting Magic (along with our partners) are committed to running our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Web Hosting Magic hosting platform is built for efficiency and performance.

We are committed to purchasing enough renewable energy to match consumption for all of our operations globally.

For each unit of electricity, we will use as a company, Web Hosting Magic will purchase an equivalent amount (or more) of renewable energy.

And with 90% of our engineering team telecommuting to work, we are also committed to maintaining carbon-neutral operations even among our staff.

By moving our entire workload from a self-managed data center or colocation facilities entirely to the cloud, the net emissions directly associated with our company's compute and data storage has gone down to almost zero.

The data-centers that underpins our operations and host your application uses 84% less power, and taps into a 28% cleaner mix of solar and wind power.

Machine learning capabilities enable the analysis of massive amounts of operational data center data to create actionable recommendations, automated controls and 15% additional energy efficiency.

To us, a sustainable web hosting platform is not only good for the environment, but it is also great for our business and the customers we serve.

We know that you have many things to consider in the hosting platform you choose - price, security, openness and of course, the products available.

The truth is that when you choose Web Hosting Magic to host your website, store your data and develop your applications, your digital footprint is offset with clean energy, which reduces your impact on the environment.

We hope that you too, just like thousands of businesses who have moved to our web hosting infrastructure and reduced their carbon emissions footprint by 88% can find a home for your workload on a hosting platform that truly cares.

Thanks for joining us as we work toward an even greater aspiration: a future where Earth and everything in it are powered around the clock — with carbon-free power.

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