High Performance Network

The networking part of our web hosting infrastructure was built on top Google’s high quality private network and uses state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies to host and deliver your services around the world.

Iowa, US

One of the 8 data-centers in the United States, Council Bluffs has the right combination of energy infrastructure, developable land, and available workforce for the data center.

Northern Virginia

Customers in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States will see significant reductions in latency when they run their workloads in the Northern Virginia region. Our performance testing shows 25%-85% reductions in RTT latency when serving customers in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto.

Tokyo, Japan

This datacenter provides high availability with excellent response times. You can now select Tokyo as a 2cPanel region, enabling Japanese users to leverage this fast and optimized experience.

Douglas County, Georgia

The data center in Douglas County takes a unique approach to conserving water. Water processing facility was built in the facility to make sure that fresh water is not taken away from the community.

Lenoir, North Carolina

From this beautiful location, we work with Google to provide our services to the entire world—even in the middle of the night. Google has invested in a project to turn hog waste into renewable energy.


This facility came online in December 2013 and serves users across the region. It allows us to make sure that our users here have the fastest and most reliable access possible to all of our services

Dublin, Ireland

The facility, which became operational in September 2012, has an advanced air-cooling system that takes advantage of Ireland’s weather to keep our servers running smoothly. As a result, the data center does not require any costly, power-hungry air-conditioning units.

St. Ghislain, Belgium

The facility was the first Google Data Center worldwide to run entirely without refrigeration, using instead an advanced evaporative cooling system that draws grey water from a nearby industrial canal.

Hamina, Finland

This facility is one of the most advanced & efficient data centers in the fleet. It uses advanced cooling system from the Bay of Finland that reduces energy use & is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

When every millisecond of latency counts, we ensure that your content is delivered with the highest throughput by leveraging Google-owned global high-speed network to link your applications across regions reliably. thanks to innovations like BBR congestion control intelligence.

2cPanel Web Hosting Magic

Instant Worldwide Deployment

Depending on the product that you want to host with us, our services are available in locations across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You can choose where to locate your applications to meet your latency, availability and durability requirements.

Network Peering

When you host with us, you can connect your business network to any of 100+ locations in 33 countries around the world and exchange high throughput cloud traffic. With this connection in place, you will gain access to one of our broad-reaching Edge network locations. We can also securely connects your on-premises network to our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network through an IPsec VPN connection.

Network Redundancy

We deliver traffic over Google’s well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network. For customers with users in multiple parts of the world who monetize their traffic well, the extra reliability and performance of our network provides the confidence of uninterrupted operation.

  • 10 Gbps Premium Network Tier
  • Global Private Fiber Network
  • Cloud Load Balancing & CDN
  • High Performance Routing
  • 99.995% Guaranteed SLA

Our primary locations offer additional advanced features, custom colocation and deployment options perfectly suited for mission critical enterprise services.

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