Softaculous Auto Installer

Softaculous is a one-click web application installer that you as a website owner can use to instantly install & effortlessly manage PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications to your domain in minutes.

As a web hosting company that has as its mission the goal of making every aspect of our customer experience as smooth and frictionless as possible, we install Softaculous on every of the machines that host or will host your website.

Softaculous gives you tremendous ability to automatically manage every aspect of your application life-cycle.

No developer needed. No coding skills needed.

For example, if you love WordPress (which over 60 million people have chosen to power their website and blog), Softaculous WordPress will help you manage the complete life cycle of your WordPress installation including installing WordPress with just a few clicks, upgrading, backups, restores, cloning, staging and much more.

Simple & Intuitive UI

Softaculous provides a simple, intuitive and consistent interface that users can use to perform any actions in just one screen. Like Apple products, Softaculous is designed to get out of the way so you can do what you want to do without having to wade through tons of choices.

5 Minutes Installation

With Softaculous, you can deploy over 450 web applications in minutes. All you have to do is to fill in your details and click "Install". No need to create a database or download & unzip zip files. No debugging or tracing why an installation failed. Softaculous handles everything for you.

Automatic Backups

Softaculous allow you to perform complex functions such as backing up your database or the entire website, import scripting from other tools super-fast with a click of a button. You can backup your installed applications to FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, Google Drive and Dropbox.

1-Click WordPress Management

Install WordPress in seconds using Softaculous & manage the entire life cycle of your WordPress installation (upgrading, backup, restore, clone, staging) with it. Stay up-to-date by automatically backing up & updating WordPress core, plugins & themes as new versions become available.

50+ Languages Native Support

Softaculous supports international domain names, multi-lingual web application installation, user-interface localizations, right-to-left, and more. The majority of web applications provided can also be installed and upgraded in 30+ languages. No need to download translations packages.

Ratings, Reviews and Demos

Softaculous has an in-built ratings and reviews for each script. These reviews are written by actual users who has used the scripts. While it is your own personal experience that really counts, these evaluation gives you a head-start to see if an application meets your need and requirements.

Guaranteed Rapid Updates

Each new application version are tested and deployed within hours of availability even on holidays and non-business day. This guarantee that important security updates & features are available to your applications. This process is automated that you don't need to do anything.

White-Label Reseller

For our reseller hosting customers, the Softaculous reseller control panel makes it possible for you to use your own custom logo for white-label re-branding. All reseller-level settings can be configured per user and/or control panel package to create new revenue opportunities.

Zero Maintenance

Softaculous application updates are automatically configured to be completed via a crontab process, reducing maintenance to zero. Non-application updates utilize four release channels — edge, release, stable, and LTS to ensure new features that have reached maturity.

How To Install An Application To Your Web Hosting Account

Softaculous is natively integrated into our cPanel that customers can install over 455 applications in just 2 minutes. Once done, Softaculous takes care of the application complete life-cycle of the application from install to backup to update.Learn how to use Softaculous by visiting

FeaturesSoftaculousFantasticoInstallatroncPanel Applications
Number of Available Scripts453508319
User Reviews
PHP Scripts
Perl Scripts
TLS/SSL HTTPS Installation
Install Application Using IP
Multilingual Applications
Applications Automatic Importation
Applications Manual Importation
International Domains (IDN) Import
Task List
Error Logging
Command Line Interface
Create & Install Custom Application
1-Click Application Upgrade
Backup & Restore Application
1-Click Application UnInstallation
Resellers Re-Branding Option
1-Click Installation
WHMCS Billing Integration
Scripts Addition
Common Features
Modify E-mail Templates
Reseller Control Panel
Automated APIs
Multilingual Interface
Price/year For CustomersFreeN/AN/AFree

How To Install Softaculous To A cPanel & WHM Server

  • Enable ioncube PHP loader which cPanel & WHM executes internal PHP scripts via WHM >>> Server Configuration >>> Tweak Settings.
  • Use WHM >>> Software >>> EasyApache 4 Interface to install PHP components of your web server.
  • Configure your firewall to allow access to * IPs:    #    #  #   #   # #

Please note that these might change. So better confirm with the Softaculous team if you are not sure.

  • Access your cPanel & WHM server and bring up "screen".
  • Run the following command to install Softaculous:
    wget -N 755
  • Visit WHM >>> Plugins >>> Softaculous – Instant Installs to configure settings for Softaculous.

If you have suEXEC or suPHP enabled on your server, please read the suPHP Settings page for configuring Softaculous.

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